writing paper family background Answers 0Bids 38Other questions 10,writing paper family background Answers 0Bids 38Other questions 10

Directions:1)Write a paper (1100-1500 words)about your family background. Consider the questions below when developing your paper. Make sure you provide sufficient depth and explain the personal and social significance of your observations.a)What values did your parents or guardians attempt to instill in you? b)Why were those values considered important? c)How were you expected to contribute to family life? d)What do you know about your ethnic background and how did you learn what you know?e)Discuss the racial and cultural composition of your community. Grading: Grading will be based on the following:  1) Fulfillment of assignment criteria2) Formatting and writing mechanics3) Depth and clarity of thoughts.4) Integration of course content

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