Writer’s Notebook 3.1Answers 1Bids 45Other questions 10,Writer’s Notebook 3.1Answers 1Bids 45Other questions 10

For this Writer’s notebook assignment, you will create an outline for the argument essay. Use the template in the handout ‘Breaking the Five Paragraph Essay Habit’ to create your outline. Remember that your essay needs to be between 5-6 pages long. Here is the basic structure: Introduction       Attention getter Introduction of controversy Thesis Relevant background information OR definition of terms (if necessary) Counterargument      Evidence and explanation Statement of understanding Refutation       Evidence and explanation’ Second evidence Refer to thesis Reason I       Evidence and explanation Second evidence Refer to thesis Reason II (same format as above) Reason III or second counterargument/refutation (same format as above) continue adding reasons or counterarguments/refutations until you reach the page minimum and fully prove your claim Conclusion  (you don’t need all three)      Call to action or  Solution or Further research  You do not have to follow this exact outline. It is only one way to organize your paper. Move your paragraphs in the order that is best for understanding. Place a strong reason or counterargument at the beginning. Place your weakest arguments in the middle, and put your strongest point at the end. That way your readers walks away with your best idea in their head. Leave them thinking.The information presented here will be covered in your unit quiz at the end of the unit!Grading rubric: An introduction                        15       A full sentence thesis Background info                      10 Three supporting paragraphs  45       Full topic sentences Evidence A brief explanation A counterargument                  10       Evidence A brief explanation A refutation                              10       Evidence A brief explanation A conclusion                            10 Total                                        100

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