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Who Invented Homework / who invented school /

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Who Invented Homework / who invented school 

Having to do your homework is very frustrating. You would think educators look forward to the end of the lesson so they can pile you with homework. Mostly before the class ends the educator instructs leaners or students to write an essay or go home and research further about the topic they just discussed in class.

Homework is considered an essential component of the current educational process.  Homework is infused into the everyday life of students, teachers as well as parents. The question lingering on your mind is who invented homework? Also people wonder who invented school homework and how did he die because he made student’s life a nightmare. Most people on the inter-webs are of the opinion that Roberto Nevelis who hails from Venice, Italy invented it in 1095. However, if you carry out a basic internet search you will find this myth debunked since there are no credible websites or articles that have mentioned him.

Apparently, Roberto Nevelis is the person who invented homework as a way of ensuring students who underperformed in class were punished in 1095. Conversely, those students who performed better were not given homework because they were attentive in class and did everything that was requested of them in class.

who invented homework and how did he die?

Most students are fascinated with how the person who invented school died. The assumption is that he died of old age. Contrary to the belief that he would suffer and die a painful death because of inventing homework.

Homework Historical facts

In the first century AD it has been said that an oratory teacher was the individual who was credited with the invention of homework and his name was Pliny the Younger whose name was Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus. However, homework during those days was not the kind students take home as some form of written work that needed to be handed in the following day. Homework in this context was about sharpening his students’ oratory skills as this would see them become fluent and confident when delivering speeches. He referred to students doing this as an in-at home activities to sharpen their skills.

Who invented school essays?

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne who was also referred to as Lord of Montaigne is known as the person who invented school essays. His contributions were significant during the end of the 16th century during the French renaissance as he popularized essays mostly as a literary genre.

Homework has been a critical aspect of education so it goes without saying it has existed since learning came to be.  Learning illuminates the mind, it is the spark that lights up our mind. Enlightenment philosophers, romans, middle aged monks, Greek philosophers influenced by Isocrates, Plato, the sophists all sang pieces, memorized as well as read before the term homework was conceived. It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly when the term homework was created or who invented homework. However, Horace Mann has had a significant contribution to this topic.

The Individual who Molded Modern homework

Johann Gottlieb Fichte is credited with being the founding figure of German idealism owing to the fact that he was a philosopher of this philosophical movement. Gottlieb is perceived as the person responsible for making homework what it currently is.

Germany which was known as Prussia during the middle ages experienced a problem in regards to incorporating nationalism among its nationals in the 19th century. Prussians did not feel as if they owed their country anything therefore after war they often went back to their everyday endeavors as opposed to sacrificing or dedicating their time to their nation. The country men did not in any way experience any sense of nationalism or pride or their country

Fichte the individual accredited with German idealism came up with the idea of Volksschule which means compulsory education for a term of around 9 years equivalent to a combined primary as well as lower secondary education (junior high). All students who attended Volksschule were assigned homework and the state did this to show that they had power over individuals even in their personal time.

Horace Mann’s Contribution to the Who Invented Homework Discourse

Horace Man is credited as the person who invented school as we know it today.

The system of students being assigned homework spread fast across the globe but some countries across Europe were reluctant. Finland is one of the countries in Europe that does not burden their students with homework. Some of the other countries that limit the amount of homework their students are assigned are South Korea and Japan. In the mid nineteenth century the United States practiced informal lessons and private tutors were a mainstream. Public education in the country underwent reforms spearheaded by Horace Mann. He had seen the education system that was in use in Prussia and he saw it fit that the United States adapted it.

Horace Mann was a key figure in the establishment of the unified school system. Mann was also considered the father of American education. He advocated for institutions that would be available to each and every student regardless whether they had the ability to pay for their education or not. Mann’s belief was that the United States would see the class system of Europe which was viewed as rigid would entirely be avoided through universal education.

Mann is credited as the person who invented education as we know it today.

The country’s democracy would be perpetuated through universal education since its populace would be well informed. Horace Mann was against sectarian as a mode of delivering education instead he supported universal Christian values and principles as this would see students have independence in regards to their individual moral judgment. However, this as a form education system faced widespread criticism with some group being of the opinion that this would be detrimental to both social and individual morals since it was hostile to religion.

The end of the 1800s is very significant in regards to the impact it has had in the education system. There were significant developments associated with the frequency as well as the kind of homework students were given by their educators. Consequently, this had a cascading effect in regards to the quality of education. The approach of giving students homework as a form of improving their training was and is still being used by educators across the globe since it is a mandatory form of passing knowledge. It is evident that learning cannot be improved without incorporating homework as a key element teaching. It is viewed as a form of independent work that students’ carryout in order to further their training.

Homework’s contribution to Learning

Homework is meant to improve on the everyday process of learning. Improving the quality of learning is one of the most significant challenges contemporary schools are undergoing. Owing to the fact that homework is important the individual responsible with the invention of homework can be termed as a hero because of the numerous students this has helped. One can gain a tone load of knowledge from professional tutors.

During normal school days also considered as in-school learning, students’ are taught by their tutors in a class setup together with their peers. Some of the students are mostly playful and tend to forget what they have learned because of their poor concentration. In order to curb this, educators assign their students homework so that they can practice what they did in class.

In order to be good at something then one needs to do it repeatedly and in the case of homework this is true!!

The person who invented homework knew its importance for the development of the leaners’ artistic potential and forte.

The strength as well as the thoroughness of the assimilation of materials by leaners can only be realized through memorization and repetition.

The person who invented school homework had the intention of making student’s life better contrary to what students think.

Henry Fischel was a business man and a philanthropist who invented school exams. He did this in the 19th century as a way of gauging the knowledge students had a amassed through being taught and studying. One of the main reasons Fischel invented school exams was so that he could test student’s ability to use the knowledge they had gotten during class lessons.

Homework Effectiveness

More than 2 centuries have gone by and homework has evolved to currently what we know it to be. A question that lingers on most people is why was homework invented? Homework came about as a consequence of nationalism where the government decided to exert its power highlighting that there is no such thing as personal time after school as this is government’s time. Most research highlight the reason homework was invented was in order to punish those students who failed academically. Contrary to this, the reason it was invented was to improve the student’s level of retention of knowledge.

Students need to be burdened with assignment because what would they be doing with their free time. Moreover, this can teach them to inculcate better time management skills. Giving leaners homework tends to prepare them for adulthood where one is required to have impeccable time management skills to be successful.

Even though homework is considered important in the education of a student, this is only true to a certain extent. Students are deprived of time to focus on personal life and extra-curricular activities when many educators pile homework on them.

Individuals who have graduated with good grades can attest to this that a colorful report card can only get you a job but what can keep you in the organization or company is good interpersonal skills which you can only get outside of education. Homework becomes a causeless burden when imposed in excess.

When countries such as Japan and Finland are put into consideration you wouldn’t see any point in giving students homework since these nations are successful.  The latter has longer summer breaks, shorter school days and students are not required to attend school until they get to at least 6 years.

The teaching career in Finland is at the same level of all the other prestigious careers such as lawyers, doctors or engineers. This cannot be considered to our current education system where teachers are not as appreciated or given the required material to inculcate knowledge. The education system in the country shows that it is possible have bright students without necessarily exerting a lot of pressure on them.

Students view homework as a nuisance which they have to face in the education system but this should not be the case even though it is frustrating. This is because the person who invented homework knew it would have a considerable impact on individuals in regards to shaping productivity mainly because students ought to manage their time wisely in other parts of their life other than academics.

There are many students who wonder who invented education and who invented school tests. These questions can best be answered by understanding the benefits of homework in relation to education.

12 benefits of homework

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