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After you have chosen an article of interest to you, go through the article and highlight passages to which you wanted to respond. As you read, note thoughts or questions that occur to you in the margins of the article, or make notes in a separate word processing file.Choose three quotes that you highlighted in the article and copy the quotes below. Write a brief response to each quote in which you share your thoughts or questions on that quote. If it is a long section, you are free to briefly quote then provide the page and paragraph number. Remember from ENG 100 that there are many ways to respond. You could agree, disagree, or qualify (‘yes, but’).An example might look like this:(Note, I use an example not in our ENG 240 readings. It is just an example, so do not worry that you haven’t read this article.) Pdf example attched please do it 3 qutoes as EXAMPLE for you and choosen article.The goal of this activity is to get you in conversation with the article of your choice. At this point, you might not know what your paper will be about or what your main claim will be, but this activity will help you generate some ideas.Respond to two of your classmates. If anyone did the same article as you, or has the same major, be sure to respond to that classmate. If no one has your same major, just read their response and ask thoughtful questions about their points.Chosen article:https://businessjournalism.org/2016/07/intangible-asset-accounting/

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