Week One Discussion 1Answers 1Bids 56Other questions 10,Week One Discussion 1Answers 1Bids 56Other questions 10

What Is Your Major?The first step in thinking about the conventions of writing in your discipline is to consider which discipline you plan to study and why. Please answer the following questions. If you don’t know what your major will be, you can still answer the questions with majors that you are considering. What is your major or what do you plan on majoring in here at National? Why did you choose that field? What interests you about it? Is there an area in your field in which you plan to specialize? What questions do you want answered regarding your field? What contribution would you like to make to your field? What kinds of writing do you suspect you’ll have to do in your field? Do you know any publications in your field—journals, magazines (popular or academic)?My major is Business Administration, do it as clear as you can, don’t need to be long. 1or2 sentences each.

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