Week db 4Answers 1Bids 33Other questions 10,Week db 4Answers 1Bids 33Other questions 10

Question1 What unique challenges are      presented when dealing with inmates and offenders with special needs? What changes do you foresee in      the next 20 years concerning housing special needs inmates and offenders?Question 2 What are the primary      differences between jail and prison inmates or offenders?  Do you believe jail or prison      is more effective in reducing recidivism?  Explain your answer.  In what ways could jail or      prison improve in reducing recidivism? Question 3 Did the advice provided by the      released offender seem like valid advice?  Do you think the advice the      released offender provided included adequate perspective to assist the      imprisoned offender in his release back to society?  Explain your      response.Question4 Do you believe the offender in      the video has legitimate concerns about becoming a member of society? Do you think the questions in      the video are comprehensive enough to evaluate whether an offender is      ready for release?  Question 5 Do you think prisoners face      discrimination due to HIV-positive status? Do you anticipate that more      prisons will adopt separate facilities for HIV-positive prisoners?

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