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1.  Submit a 220- to 270-word paper that addresses life cycle assessment within your chosen industry. Describe basic, typical design and development of the symbiotic industrial systems in your chosen industrial sector.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and Reference2. Consider the following scenario:A new industry is moving to your city. You will act as a consultant who represents entities with an interest in industrial ecology. While you, as a consultant, are in favor of the new industry in town, you want to promote the production of environmentally responsible products.Select one of the following industries: Water industry Note. You may select your own industry. Be sure to obtain instructor approval.Choose one of the following audiences to write a new industry ecology report for their benefit: City council meeting – You write a persuasive report for the council members. Manufacturing company or trade meeting – You write a persuasive report for the manufacturing or trade meeting. Ecology club meeting – You will write a persuasive report for the club membership.Select a product to be produced from your selected industry.Write a 700- to 1,050-word new industry ecology report that addresses life cycle assessment for the proposed product while addressing the appropriate system level. Include the following: A persuasive argument, based on your audience, for this new industry in favor of producing environmentally responsible products A basic life cycle analysis on the proposed product An explanation of the design and development of symbiotic relationships as a selling point for the new industryFormat your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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