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Key Assignment Draft Your Key Assignment Draft should be 15–20 pages in length Unit 1,2,3, adding 4 ( new is about 4 pages)  (excluding  the Cover page and Reference page).  The new content for this week should  be 4–5 pages in length.Create document in Word that contains the following elements: Title page   Course number and name   Project name   Your name   Date   Table of contents   Autogenerated   Up-to-date   Maximum of 3 levels deep  Section headings Each week, you should have added a section to your Business Strategy  and Management Plan and submitted it for grading. Each section should  contain the following: Qualitative Evaluation of the Industry’s Strategic Position (Week 1 IP)  Choose an aspect of the information technology (IT) industry that  has not been previously used as an example in this course. Use Porter’s  five forces to make a qualitative evaluation of the industry’s strategic  position. Be sure to explain each of the five forces as well as explain  how they relate to your chosen industry.   Note: The mobile phone industry was provided as an  example in the video material and may not be used as the subject for  this assignment.  Remember to include the following elements (Porter’s five forces):   Threat of new entrants: Are new entrants being attracted to the market, and are there barriers to entry in the industry?   Threat of substitute products or services: Are there other products that could be alternatives to offerings in the chosen industry?   Bargaining power of customers: What degree of  bargaining power do the buyers have in terms of putting the industry  under pressure to provide more products or less cost?   Bargaining power of suppliers: What is the  importance of raw materials, components, labor, and services that are  required for the industry, and are there substitutes for those inputs?  Discuss the possibility of switching suppliers, if necessary.   Intensity of competitive rivalry: Does the industry have a sustainable competitive advantage?  Strategic Information Systems Assessment (Week 2 IP)  Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for  the case study organization that are related to its present information  systems environment.   Assess the forces that are presently governing competition for the case study organization.   Using Wiseman’s framework of strategy development, define the  strategic thrusts (and related advantages) that the case study  organization should use to build a business case for implementing an  information systems management plan.  Information Systems Business Case (Week 3 IP)  Based on the information contained in the Business Systems Plan and  the Strategic Information Systems Assessment, write an IT strategy  statement that details the following:   Critical success factors for the IT manager   A general strategy for how the IT department will determine  congruence between the goals of the IT department and the goals and  objectives of the case study organization   A general strategy for how the IT department will support the goals and objectives of the case study organization  Strategic Business Plan (Week 4 IP)  See the section for New Content below.  All sources should be cited using in-text references and in the References section using APA format.New ContentYour company has decided to move forward with the acquisition of the  smaller company as described in the Phase 1 Individual Project. Your  company was impressed with the information that you provided about  Porter’s five factors and your qualitative evaluation of the industry’s  strategic position. Your management has now asked you to create a  Strategic Business Plan for the newly acquired company. You must provide  this new plan and incorporate the information about Porter’s five  factors.Your Strategic Business Plan should include the following features: Executive summary   Marketing analysis   You should identify a target market.   You should establish a strategy for acquiring a customer base.  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis   Financial statements   Summary of the relevance of Porter’s five factors   Conclusion

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