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THE PRODUCT IS TRAINING MASKS (OPEN FILE TO FOLLOW RUBRIC ON HOW THE PAPER SHOULD BE LAYED OUT) · An introduction and overview of the plan and the structure of the paper.· Identification of a product and target market segment (including rationale and research supporting your points).· Treatment of the marketing mix, including rationale and research support. The 4 P’s of your marketing plan must be consistent and integrated as part of a coherent plan. It must be clear how all P’s are a good fit for the market segment you are targeting.· Promotional objectives must be explained and treated similarly to the draft assignment. You are required to address social media promotion, which you can do in its own section or you can mix it in with the overall promotional objectives.· You must address an effort to promote your good or service via media exposure that incorporates your press release. There are many simple ways to get free media, so you do not have to limit yourself to sending out a press release. A good format is to describe your free media promotion effort and refer to your press release (which you must include as an appendix).· You must address endorsements and/or sponsor partnerships that can help in your marketing effort. Like all items, this must be well-developed with a clear connection between the endorsement and/or sponsor and your target segment.10-12 Pages 10 credible sources Due Friday March 8, 2019APA FORMAT

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