Theory paper 2Answers 1Bids 65Other questions 10,Theory paper 2Answers 1Bids 65Other questions 10

PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO WRITE PAPERFor this paper you are to consider the chapter in the textbook regarding George Herbert Mead. Begin by providing a brief description of who Mead was and what his major contributions were to Sociology (25%). Then, complete a detailed review of his original work on “Self” presented in the textbook (50 %). Only review the “Self” section. Finally, include a short conclusion; containing your thoughts and opinions of his work on the “Self” (25%).No sources other than the book are required. You should cite the textbook in APA format.  The paper should be typed and double spaced with no smaller than 12 font.  A title page including your name, date, assignment title, and course title is required.  Papers with no title page will receive a 10% deduction. Deductions may also be taken for spelling, grammar, citation errors, and formatting issues.  I am more concerned with content than with number of pages.  However, for those of you that need number of pages, these tend to be 5-7 pages in length.   Let me know via campus email if you have any questions.

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