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The title is about ‘ Legal risk in international trade ‘ ,but you need to write a more narrow title1. background2.the type of risk (contract, credit, transport, currency, country, legal, financial)3.choose the contract risk to before the contract to solve the problem of legal risk disputeyou also need to choose the reading material you need  reading material:Carr, International Trade Law pp 59 – 95 Also consider Schmitthoff chapters 4 and 5I SCHWENZER & P HACHEM, The CISG-Successes and Pitfalls 57 Am. J. Comp. L. (2009) 457.Petrovic, Hamilton & Nguyen, The exclusion of the validity of the contract from the CISG: does it still matter? 2017 Journal of Business Law 101Towards a New CISG  E.R.P.L. 2016, 24(5), 913-915Raphael Dessemontet, The non-conformities, limitation periods and duties of the buyer in the international sales of goods: a comparison of the CISG, the Unidroit Principles, the UCC, and the Swiss, French and German laws (2011) International Business Law Journal 603.  Carr, International Trade Law pp 5 – 50 And pp 95 – 148 And pp 165 – 195 Melis Ozdel, Multimodal transport documents in international sale of goods (2012) I.C.C.L.R. 238T Schmitz, the bill of lading as a document of title [2011] Journal of International Trade Law & Policy 255.Tettenborn BILLS OF LADING AND ELECTRONIC MISDELIVERY Glencore International v MSC Mediterranean 2017 LMCLQ 479Melis Özdel The receipt function of the bill of lading: new challenges I.C.C.L.R. 2017, 28(12), 435-442Look at BOLERO’s website in relation to its articles / downloads found at bills of lading and central registries: what is holding back progress? M Goldby (2008) Information & Communications Technology Law Vol. 17, No. 2, June 2008, 125–149M Goldby, The CMI rules for electronic bills of lading reassessed in the light of current practices (2008) LMCLQ 56G Oduntan, “CIF Gatwick” and other such nonsense on stilts : Incoterms and the law, jargon and practice of international business transactions, [2010] ICCLR 214J Malfliet, “Incoterms 2010 and the mode of transport: how to choose the right term”, available at SA Jones, “Commercial Terms”, in Trade and Receivables Finance (Springer, 2018), pp.37-59.  Look at the ICC website for details of its work concerning trade terms, especially the Incoterms 2010®.   G. McMeel, “Letters of credit and the fraud exception – the threshold test for injunctive relief: Alternative Power Solution Ltd v Central Electricity Board” (2015) Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 19.A. M. Antoniou, “Beyond The American Accord: making the way for illegality in letters of credit” (2015) (30) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 189. A. M. Antoniou, “Nullities in letters of credit: extending the fraud exception” (2014) 29 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 229.M. Hwaidi, “The story of the English strict compliance principle in letters of credit and its consistency with the UCP” (2014) 29 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 71.P. Ellinger, “Rejection of Documents Tendered under a Letter of Credit: Fortis Bank v Indian Overseas Bank” (2013) Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 1.M. Hwaidi and B. Harris, “The mechanics of refusal in documentary letter of credits: an analysis of the procedures introduced by article 16 UCP 600” (2013) 28 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 146. A. M. Antoniou, Fraud, exceptions to autonomy and the UCP 600 (2013) 28 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 339. E. Adodo, Letters of credit: existence of a duty to return documents listed in a rejection notice, Case Comment, (2012) 27 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 456.M. Hwaidi, “The implications of Banco Santander SA v Bayfern Ltd on deferred payment under documentary credit in UCP600” [2011] International Business Law Journal 569.A. Markstein, “The Law Governing Letters of Credit” (2010) 16 Auckland University Law Review 138. R Gwynne, The governing law(s) of a letter of credit, L.M.C.L.Q. 2018, 4(Nov), 450-456.C Shepherd and Mallis, “Enforcing arbitral awards using letters of credit and third party debt orders”, available at Legal Instruments:ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits – UCP 600 (ICC Publication No. 600E, 2006). Case LawAlternative Power Solutions v. Central Electricity Board and Another, Privy Council [2014] UKPC 31 (9 September 2014).Bulgrains & Co Ltd v Shinhan Bank, Queen’s Bench Division (Commercial Court) [2013] EWHC 2498 (QB) (24 July 2013).Fortis Bank SA/NV v Indian Overseas Bank, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), [2011] EWCA Civ 58 (31 January 2011). Marconi Communications International Ltd v Pt Pan Indonesia Bank Ltd TBK, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), [2005] EWCA Civ 422 (27 April 2005). Banco Santander SA v Banque Paribas, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), [2000] EWCA Civ 57 (25 February 2000). Bank of Baroda v Vysya Bank Ltd, Queen’s Bench Division (Commercial Court), [1994] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 87 (13 December 1993). Taurus Petroleum Limited v. State Oil Marketing Company of the Ministry of Oil [2017] UKSC 64.Websites

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