Source analysis one full pageAnswers 1Bids 60Other questions 10,Source analysis one full pageAnswers 1Bids 60Other questions 10

should be no longer than one page, usually consisting of three paragraphs (an introduction, an analysis, and a conclusionMust consist information from one external source  Read Unit 6, Lesson 21 (‘The Great War’) in our online textbook available within eCampus and view the accompanying video. Read the short article ‘The Futility of World War I’ published by The Atlantic magazine in 2014, the centennial of the war’s beginning. The article is available to you via the web or in a PDF format at the links below. Read the information about Alan Seeger made available through the American Yawp online open-source textbook we have been using.  The poet Alan Seeger, born in New York and educated at Harvard University, lived among artists and poets in Greenwich Village, New York and Paris, France. When the Great War engulfed Europe, and before the United State entered the fighting, Seeger joined the French Foreign Legion. He would be killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. His wartime experiences would anticipate those of his countrymen, a million of whom would be deployed to France. Seeger’s writings were published posthumously. The first selection is excerpted from a letter Seeger wrote to the New York Sun in 1914; the second is from his collection of poems, published in 1916.  Seeger’s letter and poem (titled ‘I Have a Rendezvous with Death’) are available to you via the web or in a PDF format at the links below. View the images of Alan Seeger below. Having accomplished these things, choose one of two subjects for your one-page source analysis. Option 1 – ‘The Tragic Futility of World War I’ closes with this question about humans and war: ‘So, has our species evolved?’ Based upon what you know about the world around you, please respond to that question. Do not fail to locate a scholarly outside source to draw upon and cite within your essay for context.

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