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Scenario: You are a former certified education administrator who departed your former position to become the owner of a small, in-home day care consisting of you and a part-time assistant where you care for children from age three (3) to age ten (10). Over the course of time, your demographic population has increased due to significant business growth that has resulted in many families relocating to your area. With more businesses projected to move to the area and the building of new housing developments, it is projected that this growth could be long term.You have decided that this is a good opportunity to expand your day care business as you have received many inquiries for childcare. In order to comply with your home state regulations, you will require a larger facility and will need to hire additional staff in order to sustain the larger demand for day care. This staff will consist of five (5) Certified Day Care Professionals, one (1) Registered Nurse Professional, five (5) After-School Assistants, and one (1) Office Support Paraprofessional. You have secured approval for a bank loan and qualify for future loans for future expansion if your current endeavor is successful.Write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you: Identify three (3) job requirements (e.g., needed      certifications, previous work experience, external influences, etc.) that      could apply to your chosen scenario. Determine two (2) ways these      requirements could impact staffing at your organization. Next, suggest one      (1) strategy that you could utilize to ensure that all applicants meet the      identified job requirements for your organization. Justify your response.  Outline a long-term recruitment plan that contains at      least four (4) components, is aligned with your company’s recruitment      strategy, but also addresses possible job skill or credential shortages.      Note: Consider concepts such as succession planning and hiring retirees.  Describe three (3) branding strategies that you would      employ to attract qualified applicants to your organization. Next, suggest      three (3) communication methods that you would utilize to reach out to      applicants. Predict the outcome of integrating your branding strategies      and communication methods at your organization. Provide a rationale for      your response.  Determine two (2) selection processes for recruiting      new employees that could apply to your chosen scenario and then identify      five (5) selection criteria that you could use when hiring new employees.      Next, analyze the effect of the five (5) identified selection criteria on      long-term employee retention and preservation of organizational knowledge.      Justify your response.  Suggest two (2) assessment methods that you could      employ to select new employees for your organization and then analyze the      validity and reliability of each method in regards to the job your      organization is offering. Next, identify four (4) job predictors that you      believe can assess candidates’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and other skills      and experiences (KSAOs). Provide support for your rationale.

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