Singapore Answers 1Bids 26Other questions 10,Singapore Answers 1Bids 26Other questions 10

Attached is the reading material.1. Read the whole text of the attached material on Singapore.2. Comment on the article regarding the aspects that make sense to you and the aspects you don’t agree with. For example, you may comment on 1) Singapore’s alliance policy, using the four pathologies that Anthony covered tonight: Entrapment, Over-dependence, Under-commitment, Abandonment; 2) Singapore’s policy on western democracy: Why did Lee Kuan Yew have reservations on Western democracy; 3) Singapore’s bi-lingual policy, 4) trade policy; etc.3. Any comments are welcome. 4. Your comment should be about one page, single-spaced. You may add other aspects about Singapore that the article  did not cover. They should be your own work.

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