sex behavior nicoleAnswers 1Bids 22Other questions 10,sex behavior nicoleAnswers 1Bids 22Other questions 10

Because sexual arousal is an emotional response, it is to be argued  that those who participate in sexual deviance, are responding to a  biological response their body is sending out (Smid, Wineke, Wever,  Edwin, Smid, & Wineke, 2018). However, this does not mean that the  response should be acted on and that the person should not be held  accountable for his or her actions, but I believe it does give hope  there could be some kind of potential medication that could help the  sufferer lessen, or eliminate, the unhealthy urges they are feeling. The  biological response of wanting to have sexual contact with children,  harm someone sexually, or any other sexually deviant thing that could be  potentially harmful, is something that must be addressed in order to  prevent these persons from becoming victims to the biological tendencies  their bodies are putting off, though I do not believe biology itself is  the only factor to blame for the reason these urges come about, which  is explained in the following paragraph about the ways psychological  matters can affect children into adulthood, and play a role into sexual  deviance.Children who have been sexually abused have a higher likelihood of  becoming sexually deviant themselves when they grow older (Levenson  & Grady, 2016). These children are often times exposed to other  things like parents who are neglectful, drug addicts, incarcerated and  abusive in other ways, which may also lead them to become sexually  deviant when they mature into adolescence or adulthood. It is commonly  known that sexual molestation is something that ripples down until  something puts a stop to it, like incarceration, so until someone stop  the behavior, a child who has been molested themselves is more likely to  act out sexually when they get older (Levenson & Grady, 2016). If a  child is sexually abused and comes from a home that is neglectful, they  are less likely to get the help they need to heal from the sexual  trauma, which could also put them at risk for sexual deviance at at a  later age, so this is another fact that plays into the psychological  side of explaining sexual deviance.I need a 150 word response to this discussion question

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