sex behavior brittanyAnswers 1Bids 28Other questions 10,sex behavior brittanyAnswers 1Bids 28Other questions 10

Sexual  violence is a crime that happens far too often and to many women and  men. Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused  and out of those statistics only 28% of the victims report the crime  (The Center for Family Justice, n.d.). The truth is inevitable, rape is a  vert common crime, but what makes someone want to sexually abuse or  rape a person? There are different theories that are believed, as to why  someone would be sexually deviant, some believe it is biological while  others believe it is psychological. Biological theorists believe that  the acts of sexual deviance are because someone is born with them and  psychological theorists believe that outside factors such as, trauma,  what is learned through social interaction and development. Biological  theorists believe there is an impulse that causes someone to be sexual  deviant and also believe that a man who is susceptible to be sexually  abusive may also have the capabilities to produce a larger number of  children, but there other biological theorists that believe that it is  more of a want, the want to achieve a certain number of sexual partners  (The Advocates for Human Rights, 2006). There are various perspectives  that focus on the psychological aspect of rape and sexual abuse.  Researchers will often look into the offender’s past life to determine  what made offender decide to commit such an act.  `When  it comes to the explanation on sexual deviance and whether the act is a  result of biological or psychological, there is not one perspective  that is right. Each and everyone of our thought processes are different  because we are different, so a sexual offender and their choice to be  sexually deviant can have a multitude of variables that affect their  decision, but I do not believe someone is born to commit such sexually  deviant acts and that some kind of trauma or it’s something an offender  has learned because they have viewed such an act and were essentially  taught that the act itself if normal. There a many variables that can  affect someone’s choice to commit a crime such as rape or sexual abuse  and oftentimes it takes great research to determine the why of such  awful situations. 150 word response to this discussion question

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