SAVING CAPITALISM Answers 2Bids 44Other questions 10,SAVING CAPITALISM Answers 2Bids 44Other questions 10

First, watch the documentary, “Saving Capitalism” ( Then answer the following questions:1. What lesson did Lewis Powell, writing in 1971, say that American business needed to learn? (If you quote Powell, but sure to use quotation marks.)2. What example does Robert Reich uses to illustrate why the choice between “government regulation” vs. “no government regulation” is a false choice? (Don’t simply mention the scenario; be sure to clearly explain the reasoning Reich uses.)3. What was the major conclusion of the Princeton/Northwestern University study about the impact of ordinary Americans on public policy? (Be specific.)4. What are the two versions of populism that Reich distinguishes? Describe each, and in describing these, be sure to specifying which of these Reich thinks is the worse option.)

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