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Malware is an abbreviation of Malicious Software. Meaning, those unwanted advertising you randomly encounter while web surfing, it can be affecting to your device. Sometimes it can disrupt a company’s operations by proving access to the company’s computer systems. There are four major ways malware can get into a system: Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Trojans.When your computer starts running very slowly, you can intuit the presence of malware. Although malware is common these days, there are ways to avoid it.·  If you sense any suspicion on the email sent to you, DO NOT open it. Especially when an email instructs you to do so in order to opt out of future emails or unsubscribe (Malicious Malware And Methods to mitigate the risk, 2017).·  Use anti-virus programs as well as spam filters to detect and filter corrupted emails. It is advisable to run these programs every once in a while. In fact you can also enable it for automatic updates.·  Many times, malware break into your system via third party programs such as Adobe Flash and Java. So if you don’t need them, uninstall them. And the same goes for other programs that you do not necessarily use.·  Most of times, malware helps the attacker to break into your device and fetch as much as sensitive information as they can. And to avid this, it is good to back up your data on regular basis and keep archived copies both offsite and offline (Malicious Malware And Methods to mitigate the risk, 2017).·  Lastly, there should always be a Plan B. Despite of all precautions if a malware incident happen anyway, create and implement a plan to guide the firm’s response. Have frequent practice sessions on how the plan will be followed in the event of a data security incident and make adjustments as necessary (Malicious Malware And Methods to mitigate the risk, 2017).Works CitedMalicious Malware And Methods to mitigate the risk. (2017, February 10). Retrieved from Firm Global Connection Website:

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