Research project about Stegosaurus(around 500 words)Answers 3Bids 55Other questions 10,Research project about Stegosaurus(around 500 words)Answers 3Bids 55Other questions 10

This project should summarize the major aspects of where, with whom, and in what conditions Stegosaurus lived. You are encouraged to research and discuss any and all aspects of the environment that could have effected your dinosaur, including but not limited to: climate, animals (other dinosaurs, mammals, fish, etc…)Instructions:1. In one paragraph (a REAL paragraph, not one or two sentences), describe your dinosaur’s environment as completely as you can. Cite at least two scientific references and one figure in these paragraphs.2.Attach (either physically or by embedding electronically) at least one figure that illustrates your dinosaur’s environment. The figure must have a number, caption, reference citation, and must be cited somewhere in paragraph 1. This figure may be derived from a bona fide scientific source (journal article or book) or a more popular source (such as a museum website, National Geographic, etc…)3. In at least two paragraphs, describe a day or part of a day in the life of your dinosaur, from your dinosaur’s perspective. Though the world you describe in these paragraphs should be based at least in part on information you learned from reading the scientific literature, this is a creative writing assignment. No scientific citations needed, and artistic license allowed (though you must keep all scenarios decent/non-offensive). Have fun!4. List all the references you used to acquire information (including figure caption reference(s)).

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