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This research paper is a physical reflection of the learning you’re doing throughout our entire quarter together.As such, this paper should demonstrate the following essential mechanics found in writing within thehumanities. These essential mechanics are:1. Adherence to the use of MLA formatting throughout;2. Engagement with outside sources and synthesis of that material (engaging in the largerConversation)3. Fully developed paragraphs;4. Rhetorical awareness;5. Obvious application of analytical methods including: Explication, Cultural Context, Character Analysis,Examination of the Plot, Analysis of the Setting, Point of View, Awareness of Voice (including style,tone, and language), Theme/Lenses, Tone, Word Choice, and an overall understanding about WritingLiterary Arguments (62-77);6. An opportunity to use LITERARY CRITICISM – Psychoanalytic, Theological or Religious, Marxist,Freudian, Sociological, or other types of literary theories (we will discuss these in greater detail);7. College-level writing, syntax, and language use (language coherence does not distract from the meaningof the writing).REQUIREMENTS:?Choose ONE PRIMARY workwe are studying this quarter from our textbook;?Figure out what LENS (or THEME) you will useas the focus of your analysis of the Primary workand the associatedLITERARY CRITICISM;?Complete the BRAINSTORM ACTIVITY (see Brainstorm Activity) and bring it to yourconference;?Use AT LEAST TWO Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly academic journal articlesto support your analysis;?Clear literary analysis of the workis demonstrated throughout;?MLA format(name, instructor name, class, date – upper left-hand corner; last name and page number –upper right-hand corner, 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font, inline citations – lastname page number, and properly formatted Works Cited page);?Paper must be at least 10-11 pages in length(not including the Works Cited page);?All elements of the project must be met in order to get full-credit(See “Important Project Dates”above – Brainstorm Activity, Conference, Poster Presentation, Workshops, and the paper packet must becompleted and turned in on time) – the PROCESS is a crucial part of this project.?No late papers will be accepted for full credit.

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