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Many social workers attempt to implement an evidence-based practice that seems to be strongly supported by research, only to become frustrated or confused when their efforts do not yield the same positive results as the research. This discrepancy can occur because they failed to recognize the differences between conditions in their practice environment and the conditions of the study. Moreover, they may have failed to consider and adequately plan for issues that arise during implementation.To prepare for this Assignment, using the resources for evidence-based practices, identify an evidence-based practice that may be applicable to your field of practice. Review two research articles demonstrating the effectiveness of the evidence-based practice. Note any similarities or differences between the conditions in which the evidence-based practice was implemented in the study and the conditions in which you plan to implement it.A 4- page paper that analyzes the implementation of the evidence-based practice in your field of practice  (social work) to determine if you can expect similar results to the research. The paper should include the following: A description of the evidence-based practice that you selected including: The population for which the evidence-based practice is intendedThe problems for which the evidence-based practice is intended to addressA summary of the evidence from the research articles that demonstrate the evidence-based practice’s effectivenessIn the first article entitled, “Traumatic Incident Reduction I: Traumatized Women Inmates: Particulars of Practice and Research” by Valentine, (2000), or an article of your choiceThe second article entitled “Substance use behaviors as a mediator between post-traumatic stress disorder and physical health in trauma-exposed college students,” by Benson, Flood, Eakin, McDevitt-Murphy, & Weathers (2009), or an article of your choice  An explanation of any differences between the conditions of the study and the conditions on your practice. Explain the potential impact these differences could have on successful implementation. A description of the steps that would be required to implement the evidence-based practice including Any factors that would support each step and how you would leverage them Any factors that would limit or hinder each step and how you would mitigate them A conclusion that includes: Anticipated results of the implementation in your practice setting     An explanation of whether they will be similar or different from the research results from the articles you have selected

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