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What Is It? Reflective Journal Entries (RJ) provide you the opportunity to reflect upon what you have been learning in classroom discussions, the course textbook, and your personal life. RJs are also an opportunity to examine what you may want to change or what you have become more aware about your own nonverbal behavior. These short journal entries may be used in class to facilitate discussions. What Do I Have To Do? Each RJ should be typed and a minimum of 2 pages (max 4). RJs are opinion based and no citations are necessary UNLESS you are using a direct quote from the text (include page #) or using an outside source.Using concepts we have learned over the past two weeks, reflect on your own nonverbal trends and behaviors addressing these (or similar) questions: What stood out to you in this week’s readings or classroom discussion? Was there anything in this week’s readings which did not make sense or confused you? What have you noticed about your own behavior or become more aware of? How did you relate to the information in this week’s discussions and activities? Has the classroom discussion or readings caused you to change any of your behaviors? The questions listed above are a brief sample of the type of information you should be covering in your RJ. You have the freedom and flexibility to write about anything that we are currently learning in the course which is related to your personal life. How Am I Graded? Grading for these journal reflections is very simplistic and based on the quality of content. In other words. Did you complete the assignment meeting the outlined requirements of papers including font size, grammatical, spelling, and length requirements? Did you discuss appropriate and class related content and practically apply it to your life? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you will do just fine on the assignment.

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