psychology 6Answers 1Bids 55Other questions 10,psychology 6Answers 1Bids 55Other questions 10

PART 1Please read the following paragraph: ‘Cultural psychology is the study of identity, child development, emotions, social behavior/interactions, friendships/romantic relationships, and family dynamics. Cultural psychologists believe that psychological disorders and behavioral tendencies originate, and are influenced by cultural factors.’This is the url the paragraph comes from if you would like to look it over – reading this is optional however. please read this paragraph:’What exactly is culture? Culture refers to similar characteristics and traits (i.e. attitudes, personalities, thought processes, opinions, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors) found within a group of people. These characteristics and traits are usually passed from generation to generation. Although many of these characteristics and traits overlap between cultures, there are some significant differences. For instance, all people, regardless of their cultures, experience happiness, sadness, and anger. Those emotions are universal, however, the way that those emotions are expressed vary from culture-to-culture.’This is the url the paragraph comes from if you would like to look it over – reading this is optional however. you have read and considered the above paragraphs defining culture – Post about an important cultural influence in your own life, perhaps one that has been passed down from your family. Some ideas, and these are just suggestions to get you started, might include attitudes about music, ideal childhood personality types, ideal family meals and table manners, thought processes such as how you express yourself, opinions on various matters and beliefs you hold, feelings about love, play preferences, and which behaviors are appropriate or not for your gender). How has that cultural influence affected your development? For example, if your family created a highly musical culture, how did that affect you growing up? How might you think/act/behave differently if you had not been exposed to this influence or you had grown up in another culture, socio-economic group, area of the country or world?just type 200 words

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