Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Answers 1Bids 34Other questions 10,Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Answers 1Bids 34Other questions 10

After completing this class one area I definitely would like to delve more into is the Microsoft Office suite.  As I completed the Sam training modules throughout this eight week it really opened my eyes to the capabilities that are offered in Microsoft Office.  I honestly thought I knew a lot about Microsoft, and at first thought some of the online lab modules were going to be pointless for me.  However, as I completed each module, I learned a lot.  The main reason I want to delve more into this is because of its applicability in my profession.  In the military we have to consistently use Microsoft Office suite to produce products that are used across a broad spectrum. This class has honestly helped me grow professionally learning shortcuts within the package and assisting me learn the full potential of the package.  Furthermore, I am pursuing a Business Management degree and I think if I master Microsoft Office it will greatly assist me in employment in the future.So, when asked what I am going to do to learn more about this topic, its very ironic because I actually went to the Education Center on post today about this very topic.  I looked into credentialing programs specifically about Microsoft certifications.  After completing my degree, I am going to pursue industrial standard credentialing in Microsoft.With regards to topics or outcomes I would have liked to learn more about in this class it would be databases and database management.  This week’s lesson was one that I wish I could have been covered more, learning about data mining in my opinion is very important in todays world across many different aspects of business.Out of the concepts covered there are really none that I need more explanation on, it was all pretty easy to understand and apply.

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