Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Answers 1Bids 32Other questions 10,Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Answers 1Bids 32Other questions 10

The components of the course that I will be delving into following the class is more use and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite.  I am not the most technically sound when it comes to computers, however this class has opened my eyes to some new things and short cuts that can be used while creating documents.  I have enjoyed opening my self to learning about something that I truly had not desire to dive into.  The other is staying current with changes in the IT world, computers are ever changing, with technology and advancements in technology staying current with the IT portion of it will make it easier to understand and use.              I am looking into a class at the local community college that gets a little more into the weeds of Microsoft.  The overall knowledge that I have gained about the IT world and new technologies we have discussed, has opened my eyes to how closed minded I was about the subject.  I can find my way around the computer and do simple things, but this class has showed me that I need to better my self for the betterment of those I work with and teach.             I am not sure that adding anything further to this course would be beneficial, it is an accelerated eight-week course that comes with more assignments than any other class I have taken through Excelsior, not a bad thing at all, I learned a lot about the IT world in the last eight weeks.  I personally think the content is what is and was needed (my opinion).  I have also enjoyed the interaction with my fellow students in this class, I think that everyone has had a hand in my completion of this class, so thank you all so much.

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