Problem Solution Persuasive OutlineAnswers 3Bids 62Other questions 10,Problem Solution Persuasive OutlineAnswers 3Bids 62Other questions 10

Begin your research and look at the structure here so you understand what this should look like. Create this outline with the persuasive strategies and Monroes Motivated organizational structure as we discussed in class if you want to call the audience to take an action.You can also use a Problem/Solution organization if you are persuading someone to change their minds rather than take action.  Review the Powerpoint and the chapter reference if you have need.Submit this outline in class in your folder but if you want feedback you can post it here so I can give you additional feedback. Use the Outline template here to set up this outline. It will help you set your evidence up so you create this outline correctly. This outline is NOT like the original Informative outline so double check your organizational structure.Please note: The first image is a request from the teacher above my Canvs. The second document is in what format the job is to be completed. The third document is the outline I wrote. You need to complete the second document based on the above information. 18 problem solution.Please pay attention to the scoring guidelines.

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