Presentation: Work-As-Done in ATC and UAV SafetyAnswers 1Bids 43Other questions 10,Presentation: Work-As-Done in ATC and UAV SafetyAnswers 1Bids 43Other questions 10

In the Air Traffic Management (ATM) field, people are the greatest asset but they may also be the greatest source of risk. Understanding the human component in Air Traffic Control (ATC) is essential as the ATM system becomes more complex. Many applications in human factors need to be considered as the Nextgen system and use of the National Airspace System (NAS) continue to grow. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are a part of the integrations of the NAS as well. These two intermingle, and it is imperative to understand the human factors concepts involved to mitigate risks.Start a presentation on ATM and UAV operations. Examine and explain each operation individually. Assess some risks associated with these operations, separately, and as they integrate in the NAS. Finally, provide some recommendations to mitigate risks in each operation and the unique trials of useful airspace with all aircraft.Your presentation should consist of approximately 7-10 slides (not including the title slide and the reference slide), with a suggested length of 3-5 minutes of audio, overall. The information should be properly cited and referenced using the current APA edition.–> Please put speaker notes instead of audio

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