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This paper is not the typical autobiography—you are moving beyond just writing about your background to write a well structured and supported rhetorical reflection about how you perceive yourself and an event in your life. The way I will figure if it is too personal or private is . . .· Am I comfortable sharing this essay with my peers or my instructor?· Do I have concerns about the manner in which people will respond?· How well am I able to reflect on the experience or subject?· Is reflecting on a particular memory too painful or even traumatic?· How do I want my instructor and peers to respond to this paper?What do I want them to focus on?What do I want them to think after they read this memoir?· How do I feel about being graded on certain memories and part of my life? These are some things to consider in order to write a successful paper. . .· Use your subject to grab my reader and pull them into my paper· The paper will have a purpose a rationale as to why you chose a specific subject· Have a definite chronological beginning and end to your memoir. Ask yourself ‘am I covering too much material?’· Structure memories in a chronological manner, and do not necessarily indicate which one is less or more important· In the conclusion, focus on the idea of “what this life experience has taught me” or “what I learned from this experience” in order to maintain some organization and flow· Give as many specific details as possible, not only tell but show your audience what you are writing about· Avoid choosing a subject that is too familiar to avoid a boring and unchallenging essay· Proofread carefully and use the Writing Center if possible.Assignment criteria:· 800 words, doubled spaced, one inch margins, MLA format· Has an interesting title that begins the argument· Paper draws on memory and observations as sources of information and support· Uses a fast write from class, or choose your own significant event to write about· Uses a narrative style of developing ideas for this paper· Balances details and reflection, and demonstrates how to engage in dialectal methods of thinking and writing· Illustrates some poignant events or moments to give your reader a sense of what occurred and to demonstrate your abilities as a writer· Sketches a scene, write a dialogue, and use sensory detail more than just tell statements

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