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I need 2-3 pages paper talking about the history of social segregation and its impact on educational intake issue in the U.S and I have the outline of the paper.  Below  is the outline of the paper.   How Segregation Affects Education Intake? THESIS: – What is the connection between segregation and educational intake and how race plays a role in it?OUTLINE: Introduction: Describe the background of the issue and how it relates to the concept of race in general-> Paragraph I: – Historical Forces for Segregation Paragraph II: – Present Impacts  Paragraph III: – How does this issue Impact/reflect connections between race and society? -> Does it affect segregation musically? Is there any Jazz singers who has interest in this issue and do they have songs or not? ‘Lyrics’? Conclusion: -> Recap + Perspectives for future segregation!! FIVE ACADEMIC SOURCES ARE NEEDED

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