Organizational culture changeAnswers 1Bids 68Other questions 10,Organizational culture changeAnswers 1Bids 68Other questions 10

For your Portfolio Project, you will develop the following: Section      I Organizational Problem or Opportunity Section      II Organizational Problem or Opportunity BackgroundPlease use the Portfolio Project Template as the primary guide in formatting your project.Section I: Organizational Problem or Opportunity Introduction Description      of the problem or opportunity Purpose      of the investigation Management/business      questions Intended      audience Summary      of section highlightsSection II: Problem or Opportunity Background Introduction Definition      of terms Management      question or management dilemma related topics Current       state of the target organization Relevant       organizational processes or systems or functions Relevant       theory Summary      of section highlightsRemember to edit your critical thinking assignment drafts with the feedback provided throughout the course. Remember to include a minimum of 18 credible sources on your project references list. Your final portfolio project should be 10 pages not including your cover page, table of contents, or references page. Remember to spellcheck, edit, and grammar check your document before submitting.Your project should employ formatting and a writing style in line with the APA format, including but not limited to title page, table of contents, headings, subheadings, formatting, references and citations.

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