NEED PLAGIARISM FREE ‘A’ POWERPONT IN 15 HOURS or LESSAnswers 1Bids 47Other questions 10,NEED PLAGIARISM FREE ‘A’ POWERPONT IN 15 HOURS or LESSAnswers 1Bids 47Other questions 10

You are assigned to be a presenter at a career fair in your local town or city. Your presentation will be to introduce the field of public administration to potential candidates thinking about serving in a public discipline working for a government agency or a nonprofit organization. Each slide should abbreviate the information in no more than five or six bullet points. Please make sure in-text APA citations are utilized within the PowerPoint presentation, and list references on the last slide and slide notes are also needed.. Note: If topics take up more than one slide, use an additional slide to elaborate further points. The following order of slides shall be presented in the PowerPoint presentation.  Slide 1: Include an introductory slide. Provide the title of the presentation, your name, and the course number.  Slide 2: Identify and define the range of public administrative disciplines at the local, state, and federal levels. Also, introduce types and functions of nonprofit organizations (Slide title: A Multidisciplinary Field).  Slide 3: Reference at least four reasons why public institutions need a code of ethics (Slide title: Code of Ethics in the Public Administration Field).  Slide 4: List three examples of why intergovernmental relationships are critical in public service (Slide title: Intergovernmental Collaborative Networks).  Slide 5: Assess why management styles are important when developing problem-solving strategies (Slide title: Management Styles for Today’s Workforce).  Slide 6: Identify budgeting methods that are useful to evaluate public strategies (Slide title: Solving Budget Strategies for Public/Nonprofit Organizations).  Slide 7: Identify several motives of why public agencies are accountable to the citizenry when using public funding (Slide title: Financial Accountability and Agency Transparency).  Slide 8: List important points to help resolve multiculturalism and gender equity dilemmas in the workplace (Slide title: Social Equality and Discrimination Policies).  Slide 9: Elaborate on points about important trends that produce effective public organizations (Slide title: Future Trends in Public Administrations).  Slide 10: Summarize key concepts discussed in the presentation (Slide title: Conclusions).  Slide 11: References for this assignment may include textbook readings, government and nonprofit websites, and articles from professional sources (e.g., academic journals). Include at least five references for this presentation (Slide title: References).

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