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Research paper about verizon. I need 8 pages without cover. It should be include: ( Not: You just need to prepare of the half of them for this time, you will do others in the other half. )  DEVELOPING A RESEARCHFormatA. Current Situation1. Current Performance2. Strategic Posture a. Mission b. Objective c. Strategies d. PolicyB. Corporate Governance1. Board of Director2. Top ManagementC. External Environment1. Natural Environment2. Societal Environment a. Economic b. Technological c. Political-Legal d. SocioculturalD. Internal Environment1. Corporate Structure2. Corporate Culture3. Corporate Resources a. Marketing b. Finance c. R&D d. Operation e. Human Resource f. Information SystemsE. Analysis of Strategic FactorsSituational Analysis (SWOT) a. Strengths b. Weaknesses c. Opportunities d. ThreatsF. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy1. Strategic Alternatives2. Recommended StrategyThanks!!

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