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Answer any two questions (at least one page essay for each) from the list below or one question and write 2 pages essay. Be sure to cite the Howe, W. A., & Lisi, P. L. (2015) Becoming a multicultural educator: Developing awareness, gaining skills, and taking action textbook for your answers. Overall, I am looking for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as discussed in the textbook and class discussions. Type your response to the questions (double-spaced) and upload to the Dropbox by Sunday, March, 10, 2019 at 9:00pm. Be sure to connect the ideas from the chapter readings in class. Include page numbers that support your ideas. This assignment will be evaluated for plagiarism. Be sure to include a references page in APA format and in-text (parenthetical) citations. This is an individual assignment. Your responses will be graded according to the rubric below.What does multicultural education look like? What are the key models of multicultural education (p. 21)? What are the key elements to enable students to achieve at high levels? Is there a process or set of actions and strategies that can guide the development of a multicultural educator (p. 52)?What should educators know and be able to do to be effective teachers of all children? It is essential that educators have a deep understanding of racism and other forms of discrimination? What should educators know about the impact of educational policies on the learning environment (p. 107)?In what three ways is the impact of the growing cultural, racial, national origin, and linguistic diversity clearly visible in our nation’s public schools? In spite of the growing cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity in U.S. schools, why is ethnic segregation on the rise? How can teachers, regardless of their own identities and experiences, prepare to effectively teach students of all backgrounds (p.43)? What is Nieto and Bode’s and Banks ‘definitions of multicultural education? What are the seven characteristics of multicultural education (17)? Why do students from the dominant culture need multicultural education? What is wrong with the perception by many educators that multicultural education is for “culturally different” or “disadvantaged” students?How is prejudice different from discrimination and racism? How do individual and institutional discrimination differ? What is happening in our schools as more students from diverse cultures are coming together? What are some responses to difference? How do school policies currently discriminate against particular groups of children? How are bigotry and bias manifested in schools (p. 169)? Provide an example in the school system where racism was/is institutional.What should teachers know about cultural learning styles? How does learning styles impact opportunities for academic achievement? How does culture influence communication styles of diverse students (p. 111)? What is your learning style? How your learning style and cultural identities influence how and what you teach?

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