Midterm ExamAnswers 3Bids 68Other questions 10,Midterm ExamAnswers 3Bids 68Other questions 10

Please answer the three questions below. Late papers will not be accepted! Attach this sheet with your signature to the front page of your paper. Papers without the midterm attached will not be accepted.Write in clear and concise sentences. Use your writing to demonstrate an understanding of the course materials. Cite all sources using MLA or Chicago Style. Do not use outside sources. Papers must be typed,formatted and spaced correctly. Make sure to use page numbers and to staple your paper. Paper should be 1200-1500 words, 4-5 full pages of text. 10% of your grade will be based on the professionalism of your paper.(10 points)1. Do a close reading of one essay or articles that was assigned during the first half of the course?.Then answer the following question: How do race, culture,gender, and sexuality interact in the production of culture?Make sure to cite from your readings and to quote any language you borrow.(30 points)2. How have Asian Americans in two different eras(at least 25 years apart) created subcultures and cultural organizations as a reaction to being excluded from American cultural events? Use at least two different readings or films. (30 points)3. Define Popular Culture using our course materials. Then discuss how one topic we studied in this course is either a part of the larger American Popular Culture, is distinctly Asian American Popular Culture, or is an Asian American reaction to the exclusionary practices in some forms of American Popular Culture. Make sure your argument is clearly stated and supported. Do not use the same reading used in question #1. (30 points)

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