MGMT ReportAnswers 1Bids 65Other questions 10,MGMT ReportAnswers 1Bids 65Other questions 10

Selection of the firm(Walmart)You will select a publicly traded OR a private corporation which has business operations in the U.S (referred to as your “target company”). Based on the financial and non-financial information from and about your target firm, you will study its industry and identify the unique factors in this industry that may influence your target company’s performance.Guideline of the reportThe report will be divided into three broad categories (Introduction, research content, and a summary of your conclusions and recommendations) and these will contain several important segments. Each category and segment should be clearly labeled. Each of these generic segments is crucial to a logical and professional summary of your discoveries and conclusions.Introduction (1-2 pages):This is a very important part of your report. You could include the following in your introduction section: Provide a brief history of the company (DO NOT cut and paste data from company site). Why this particular company becomes your target firm (i.e. Position in the market, achievement and challenge it is facing). Indicate the industry the firm is in. Provide some environmental context data and explain some major trends and events in the target’s primary industry or industries. Main businesses (products or services) or business categories (for diversified companies) and their market (local, national or global) Highlight any general information that will be particularly interesting, informative, and/or decision useful to the reader. You may review your introduction part by asking yourself: 1. Does the introduction appear long enough? Is it too general, too specific? 2. Does it provide an adequate outline of the order in which the material and analysis will be presented in the following sections?  3. Does the introduction effectively capture interest and attention? Why is this particular firm selected for study?

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