Medical Terminology Paper Answers 3Bids 52Other questions 10,Medical Terminology Paper Answers 3Bids 52Other questions 10

It should be within 200 – 400 words.  Learning Objectives: At the completion of this activity, the student will be able to define and spell correctly the medical terms from a selected chapter in the textbook Exploring Medical Languageby Myrna Lafleur Brooks.   At the completion of this activity, the student will be able explain the meaning of the medical terms to a nonmedical person in a way the nonmedical person would understand. At the completion of this activity the student will be able to apply medical language in a clinical context.For this module you will select and write up a medical situation from your personal experience or the experience that a friend or family member had at a medical facility. This could be an experience from a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or any other medical facility. Based on that experience, you will write up a two part scenario. The first part will be written from the viewpoint of a Medical Provider presenting the patient to his/her medical students, medical interns and medical residents.  Correct medical language must be used. The presentation will include: Patient’s presenting symptoms (complaints) Diagnostic tests ordered Diagnosis Treatments proposedYou will select the terms you use from the sections in the chapter: Disease and Disorder Terms, Diagnostic Terms, Surgical Terms and Complementary Terms.For the second part of the scenario, you will recap the situation for the family (assume that family has no medical background). You will review the patient’s presenting symptoms, any tests that you have ordered, a diagnosis and the plan of treatment for the patient. You will present this information in layman’s terms that the family can understand.

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