Math 217- Beginning statsAnswers 2Bids 34Other questions 10,Math 217- Beginning statsAnswers 2Bids 34Other questions 10

The purpose of this assignment is to have you practice creating visuals using the data from the topic you chose in Week 3. Creating charts and trendlines  is an important skill used in many careers. Videos we watched were on  In the search bar put: ‘Learning Excel Data-Analysis’.  Watch  Using the normal distribution Using the exponential distribution Using a uniform distribution Using the binomial distribution Using the Poisson distribution Create at least three visuals using your data.  Visuals must include two visuals where central tendency and outliers can be seen: Histogram Box and Whisker plot Note: If you have outliers, make sure you create one visual with the outlier(s) and one without the outlier(s). Visuals must include a pie chart Be sure visual shows percentages on pie chart. Hints for Making an Effective Graph/Map: Decide why you are making graph/map from this data. Decide the type of graph/map you are making. Put in a legend (if applicable) Put in a descriptive x-axis label (if applicable). Put in a descriptive y-axis label (if applicable). Put in a scale (if applicable). Resize the chart as needed so it is easily viewable.

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