literature analysis research Answers 1Bids 57Other questions 10,literature analysis research Answers 1Bids 57Other questions 10

Format: This assignment must be printed out for submission, following the standard MLA format.Details: 2 Page (600-650 words) comparison/contrast of Masque of the Red death and The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe ! Include the following: Compare/contrast three (3) literary and poetic devices between literary works ,Define the literary and poetic      devices. Answer: how does each work use them differently or the same? Answer: what affect do the literary devices have on the reader in terms of interpretation if some or all of the literary devices are NOT included?  How would their absence change the literary work? Answer: what other devices would YOU choose if you had the power to edit the literary work?  Name at least two (2) and why.For your title, you will need to list the following choice as how you would like this grade to be counted  A: Replacement grade for one (1) discussion board

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