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the Office of Civic Engagement connects Rutgers University–Camden to communities beyond the campus. Working with community partners, we support efforts to meet the challenges facing our host city, county, and region through engaged civic learning, volunteerism and service, community-based research, and integrated efforts and partnerships.We are the starting point for Rutgers–Camden students, faculty, and staff who want to connect with our community partners and help to meet their needs. We are also the first point of contact for organizations, government agencies, schools, and others who believe working in partnership with Rutgers–Camden would help them reach their goals. Short description of project: There is a breadth of literature that indicates that participation in engaged civic learning courses enhances many of the professional competencies that are highly desired by employers. What is missing is a compact compilation of these materials that can be used by the Office of Civic Engagement, Career Center, and Student Experience Center to share information about these competencies and promote participation in curricular and co-curricular civic engagement activities. Therefore, students in this class should compile and design an infographic and other marketing materials that fill this void. Materials should also be informed by and reflect the perspective of students on our campus. In order to meet this requirement, teams should conduct informal research to identify student priorities and potential challenges related to participation in ECL courses and other community-focused activities. Desired outcome: The development of high-quality promotional materials that explain the professional benefits of participation in civic engagement activities. Evaluation criteria: Visual appeal of materials developed, effective use of both existing literature and Rutgers-Camden student feedback to develop materials.

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