Lab 1: SQL ReviewAnswers 2Bids 35Other questions 10,Lab 1: SQL ReviewAnswers 2Bids 35Other questions 10

Lab OverviewScenario/SummaryDownload the Lab instructions and the Lab report for the necessary steps to be completed for this lab. They can be found in the Files section of the Course Menu under the Lab category. Complete this template Lab report document by completing the sections listed on the page (Objectives, Results, and Conclusions). You will notice that the readings, including lectures, the examples we worked on during the lecture, and other audio and visual aids provided, will help you tackle this week’s lab. Remember to always follow the instructions to get maximum credit, and use the weekly discussion related to the Lab and the Course Q & A Forum in the Introduction and Resources module for additional help. Be specific and state the problem you are having clearly, including what you have done to resolve it, in the discussion.DeliverablesPlease save the completed Word document using the following naming convention. Save it personalized as flastnameLab01, where f is your first initial, followed by your last name and the original file name Lab01.Do not include .docx; Word will finish with the .docx extension (e.g., Tom Brews, tbrewsLab01 and Word will finish with .docx).Submit your lab.Required SoftwareThis Lab will use the following Lab Resources:Microsoft Office: WordMySQLUse a personal copy of the software or access Lab Resources under Introduction and Resources > Course Resources and view the Lab Resources section.Lab StepsStep 1: Lab ReportThe report cover sheets must be completed for all labs. The key parts of these sheets include the following.Objective: Provide a one- or two-sentence explanation of the purpose of the lab.Results: Give a statement of the final output, such as what will make this lab successful.Conclusions: Conclusions should be based on the results usually directly related to the purpose of the lab.Observations and Measurements: All results from the lab must be recorded on the cover sheets. Turn in the cover sheets for grading and retain the remainder of the lab as worksheets.

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