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* Using the link to the Library of Congress ‘National Jukebox’ posted on eLearning, take some time to explore the site and listen to a bunch of recordings.  These can be anything you like (enjoy the ‘rabbit hole’ approach!).  There is everything from Native American tribal chants to Southern spirituals to Big Band Jazz.   Have fun with it and keep a couple perspectives in mind:  1) technology has impacted musicians in many ways over thousands of years!   2) The Library of Congress has recognized that it needs to archive and record as much of the chronology of human recorded history as possible – and not just our written history!  This is a pretty powerful site…* Then, complete the following:  * Choose two or three recordings from the site that really strike you…they can be anything, but please source them from the Library of Congress site.   * Post the links here, along with a brief (1 paragraph) description of the music or sound recordings, what it is and the context in which it was created.  Discuss how each recording impacts you and the general impression that it leaves you with.   Do this for each of the two or three (or more!) recordings that you selected.  This journal should be a minimum of 250 words, use proper grammar and spelling and employ proper citations of any outside sources or ideas that are not your own!  Link:* Do NOT use Google Chrome as your browser – it probably won’t work!!

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