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Journal #7?Due Tuesday, March 5?Minimum 90 lines (single space, continuous, with standard margins) handwritten on standard size, white, college ruled binder/filler paper.?Write your full name on upper left corner of your paper. ?The journal # and due date should be written in the upper right corner of the page.?Staple your journal pages together in the top left corner before coming to class. Journals, and all homework, is due at the beginning of class. Topic:Write on any (or all) of the following questions. Make sure to write on AT LEAST 2 different topics.1.   Do you believe in alternative medicine (acupuncture, etc.) or folk remedies?2.   Do you try to eat a healthy diet? What do you normally eat? What does a healthy diet look like? 3.   Do you have a favorite restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop? What do you like about it? Do you like to go there alone, with family, or with friends?4.   Does being a good student require skill? How can a student develop learning skills? What are some learning skills a student needs? What are some learning skills you have and use? Are there some skills that are more difficult to learn? Why are they more difficult?5.   What are some of your dreams and goals you’d like to achieve?6.   How do you prefer to communicate with family and friends? (Do you like to communicate via email, online chat, phone, text, hand written letters…?) Why do you prefer to communicate in this way?7.   Do you use social media? Why or why not? Do you think social media has changed our lives/society? If yes, how has it changed us? If not, why do you think this way?8.   Moving our clocks forward 1 hour in the spring and 1 hour backward in the fall is a process called Daylight Saving Time (DST). DST is designed to make better use of natural daylight. Some countries observe DST, some do not, and some used to but no longer do. In the United States, most states observe DST. (Only Arizona and Alaska do not observe DST.) Do you think DST is useful? Why or why not? Do you think we should discontinue the practice of observing Daylight Saving Time? Why or why not?  (Do not look up anything online. If you do not know about enough about this topic, do not write about it.)

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