Introduction to MacroeconomicsAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10,Introduction to MacroeconomicsAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10

Assignment DetailsPlease use your own experiences and the knowledge you have gained from this week’s readings to answer the following topics and questions.  You may also use information that you find in the textbook, AIU’s library or the Internet to support your discussion. Make sure you use economic concepts in your main contribution. In your contribution to this week’s Discussion Board, you will discuss how you are affected by unemployment, one of the country’s biggest macroeconomic policy concerns. Address both of the following in your discussion: Explain an experience that someone you know, including yourself, had with unemployment. Think about the reason for the unemployment, and how long it lasted.  The following is a list of possible causes for unemployment.  Choose the one that most closely fits your experience. Be sure to explain. Seasonal Recession A change in technology Your company relocated and laid off workers  Other Did you or your acquaintance take a part-time job or a job for which they were overqualified to ensure they would have an income?   Over the last 7 years, the national unemployment rate has dropped steadily. How has that affected you? Please explain.

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