International Business Analysis – Cocoa Bean TradeAnswers 1Bids 69Other questions 10,International Business Analysis – Cocoa Bean TradeAnswers 1Bids 69Other questions 10

Cocoa Bean TradeInternational Business IssuesSupply, storage, distribution, marketing, human resources, and finance are all considerations for success in IB. Using a potential IB business (Cocoa beans) and its product/service address ONE of these issues with available alternatives and your recommended action. Summarize the issue. State the problem(s). State the significance of the problem(s). Provide two alternative actions with advantages and disadvantages of each. Provide your recommendation. APA format (most current edition) Cover/Title Abstract Plagiarism free References 2 – 3 pages of content not including cover, abstract or references Include headers and page numbers In-text citations (as appropriate) Two to three pages of text body Double-spaced Font size = Times New Roman 12 pitch Writing should be in the third person unless you use a personal example from your experience.In the attachment is an example of and IB Analysis

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