I need a place report written on las vegas, NV by sunday @ 10amAnswers 2Bids 56Other questions 10,I need a place report written on las vegas, NV by sunday @ 10amAnswers 2Bids 56Other questions 10

Put together report that highlights interesting details about your place. Act as if this will become the text for a brochure or fact sheet. (You do not have to put together an actual brochure!) You may create headings for your report that correspond with the different areas you chose to focus on (history, politics, etc.) using MLA formatting.Your report should include pictures, graphs, charts, but not videos. Your videos will be saved for your final multimedia presentation. Your report should summarize your research so far with a slant toward a general focus of your choosing. You may choose to include a FAQ section or an ‘Interesting Facts’ section. Now is the time to really think about and choose what your focus will be for your final project as this will inform what you choose to include in your place report.You will be graded on How well you present each section. I will check for plagiarism. Please be careful to summarize and synthesize the information in your own words. Do not borrow from any of your sources unless you are attributing a direct quote or specific paraphrase. Even then, your chosen quotes and paraphrases need a support a specific point that YOU are trying to make. Proper MLA formatting including a properly formatted Works Cited page. The text of the report is at least eight pages (2400 words) long exclusive of pictures, charts and graphs. Quality of editing (grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.). Overall cohesion of report. Are the facts and articles included random or do they seem to tell a cohesive story or paint an overall picture?

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