Human ServiceAnswers 0Bids 73Other questions 10,Human ServiceAnswers 0Bids 73Other questions 10

Research a non-profit organization or company whose mission is to help under-serve students at any level and explain their efforts, mission, and activities.  How is this organization making an impact to the community and the student’s family?  Journal #8: 2 or more pages reaction paper of the Film (Tuesdays with Morrie) Journal #9: How is student development or extra-curricular activities can help the student in their academic achievements? Journal 10: What is a purpose-centered education?  How would you as a teacher empower a student? What is your take regarding the future of education in America? Journal 11: Watch Film- Music of the Heart What did you like and did not like about the film? How did the main character overturn racial barriers and how did education play a part in this film. Journal 5:  2 or more Pages Reaction Paper on the documentary (  Waiting for Superman)

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