Homework. Answers 1Bids 54Other questions 10,Homework. Answers 1Bids 54Other questions 10

Choose a disaster type, and locate an article (from a magazine, a newspaper, or a professional journal) detailing a case history involving hazard mitigation for the disaster type you selected. Please be sure that the article you select is no more than 10 years old. Prepare a detailed, two- to three-page report. 1. Identify the disaster/article you selected and the mitigation issues contained in the disaster. 2. Explain whether or not any other acts of mitigation should have occurred. 3. Identify what actions you would suggest local citizens should take, individually, to prepare for this type of disaster, and explain how you would get this message out to the community. Please be certain that you include a title page and use APA format for this assignment.

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