Homeowner facing foreclosures and how they are avoiding losing their home. Answers 2Bids 55Other questions 10,Homeowner facing foreclosures and how they are avoiding losing their home. Answers 2Bids 55Other questions 10

Final Major Project/Paper –  Home Mortgage Foreclosures, and the Homeowner avoiding losing their home. Do the following: Make any/all edits and expansions from the feedback to the assignment. Write-out your outlined information in this paper. Add the following two sections (these go before your Bracketing section of your personal bias, assumptions, and connections information): Trustworthiness (Describe ‘how’ you would meet each of these four sub-areas, and/or if a sub-area would be applicable to your study – see attached document for explanation of each of these areas: Credibility Transferability Dependability Confirmability Authenticity Ethics Maintain ‘participant privacy’. The University, Chicago Internal Review Board related requirements (see attached Expedited Application). Any Diversity-related issues (inclusion/exclusion criteria related to diverse populations). Finalize/end your paper with a brief summary highlighting Key Specific components of your overall paper (do not generalize).This paper should use the APA Main Research Paper Template found in Doc Sharing. You will need to include a Title page, (skip the Abstract), Body section, and then Reference section (remember to only provide references for sources cited).This paper will be from 5 to 10 pages, excluding the Title page and Reference page.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.Your Final Major Project Paper should include the following in the listed order: Introduction of your Phenomena (Use your Paper’s Title for this heading, non-bold) Reinstatement of the phenomenon and its significance Include a brief literature review/background section. The above leads to the over-riding research question and sub-areas of exploration (if a phenomenological study). The best qualitative method to research the over-riding question and sub-areas (include a rationale). Methodology: Proposed Population (sample) Identify homogeneous group How solicit participants Number preferred Data collection Types of data congruent with your qualitative approach How get – procedures Data Analysis – which method used and specific process of this method. Trustworthiness (explain each and then how the study intends to meet each of these) Credibility Transferability Dependability Confirmability Authenticity Ethics Overall ethical considerations of the study Potential “risks” to participants Control measures to “minimize” potential risks and breach of confidentiality Bracketing Summary Reintroduce phenomena and its significance What the study intends to investigate General specifics from methodology section – how investigate Potential benefit to participants Potential benefit to profession Writing hints: Write existing information in Past Verb Tense. Write what the study intends to do is Future Tense. The above “Bolded” Words are the Headings you may use for this assignment.   Pleases deliver the answer by the due date, this assignment will be submitted to Turnitin® No copy or matching will be accepted.Thank you

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