HN377 DBP5 Part 4Answers 1Bids 19Other questions 10,HN377 DBP5 Part 4Answers 1Bids 19Other questions 10

Good Morning.I need help in answering the following: As an extension of our discussion of child and adolescent cognitive development, it would also be useful to look at how people grow and develop morally. Kohlberg’s theory of moral development is perhaps the most well known paradigm. He proposed that people develop morally in three phases (with two substypes under each phase):Preconventional:Obedience/PunishmentSelf-interestConventional:Conformity and Interpersonal AccordAuthority and Social OrderPostconventional:Social ContractUniversal PrinciplesAs a response to this post, choose one of the ‘subtypes’ in Kohlberg’s theory and explain it to the class. How does Kohlberg’s theory align with what you’ve learned thus far about child and adolescent development?Please and Thank You

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