Health Care ManagementAnswers 1Bids 52Other questions 10,Health Care ManagementAnswers 1Bids 52Other questions 10

‘Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982’ Please respond to the following: Fraud and abuse in the healthcare industry has triggered changes and the creation of new laws. All managers are responsible for ensuring internal controls and meeting fiscal compliance; this has been an ongoing topic in the news in businesses but also applies to civilian and military hospitals. Therefore, healthcare managers must also ensure fiscal oversight in healthcare organizations. How does the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982 reduce fraud and abuse?                                                      ALTERNATE DISCUSSION QUESTION FOR THIS WEEK THAT CAN BE ADDRSSED INSTEAD OF THE ONE ON THE FEDERAL MANAGERS FINANCIAL INTEGRITY ACT. There are numerous end-of-life issues that we have all heard about in the news, but how are these laws established? Is it okay for patients and providers to make these decisions on their own? Aren’t these privileged physician / patient decisions? Explain your responses.

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